Photos By Jodie - Lifestyle Photography: Blog en-us Photos By Jodie 2015(C) (Photos By Jodie - Lifestyle Photography) Mon, 24 Nov 2014 19:12:00 GMT Mon, 24 Nov 2014 19:12:00 GMT Photos By Jodie - Lifestyle Photography: Blog 86 120 It's not all portraits all of the time! Recently a friend commented to me that they wish I took pictures other than of people....hmmm...I do but I guess I don't share them. So I decided to put together a gallery of some recent imagery that I have captured. I pride myself on being early for photoshoots. Sometimes I am really early and on those occasions I like to scope out the location, see different background options, etc. This portrait season I also decided to do some shooting for myself.  Below are some of those images:





I hope you enjoy looking at them and if you'd like to see more or purchase some please check out the entire gallery of images at

Enjoy! Jodie

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Commercial Photography - L Boutique Northboro MA There are many things I love about owning my own business.  One of them is meeting another small business owner and working with them on their vision.  I first met Kim Schofield - owner of L Boutique in Northboro MA - because I stopped in to shop. Yes, I don't only shoot and edit pics all day no matter what I tell my husband;)  I was immediately drawn to how open the layout of the shop is and how welcoming she and her staff were. Mind you I think I had just come from the gym so I might not have looked like the perfect client!  After a quick introduction and realization of several mutual friends, I got down to the business of shopping.  Over the following few weeks I went in a few more times and then had a chance meeting with Kim at a social event.  That's when the story really starts.  She had a vision for her website to incorporate a "Look Book" of current items in her store and asked if I'd be able to meet with her to discuss shooting the Looks.  I have recently done another "Look Book" series of shoots for Salon Exquisite in Worcester so I had a pretty good idea of what this would entail.  When Kim and I met it was the easiest meeting as we both kept the ideas flowing, she had a "model" lined up and we both had a date that worked. Really, not making any of that up - I wish all my meetings went that well.

Shooting someone (or shooting their business) for the first time always reminds me of a first date - you don't know each other that well and there's the awkward über politeness. I am super chatty when I shoot (no surprise there!) and some clients are very quiet, I work very quickly and can change direction on the fly and some clients need a little warning.  So walking in to the actual shoot I was a bit anxious - I had really only met Kim a few times but had a sense we'd be fine. And we were.  Kim is extremely organized- the outfits had been laid out before the shoot, the model was on time and one of store associates (and models sister) was there to do the hair and makeup. And best of all for me she trusted that I am a professional I knew what I was doing. I moved racks of clothes around, cleared out part of the store added my own lights and climbed on a few ladders and tables.  All while Kim ran her business and occasional looked over, smiled and said "looks great!".  

The shoot was a few months ago and I had held off posting anything until Kim had been able to launch her new website.  A sample from the shoot is below.  To see the entire site and Look Book check out their site at


Dress Rehearsal for "Anything Goes."


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Elite Dance Academy - Recital Costume Portraits Six years ago I was introduced to the amazing Lauren Mangano.  She had recently opened a dance studio in Shrewsbury and was looking for a photographer to take her recital costume pictures.  We met, liked each other and agreed that I'd do her pictures that spring.  I had never done a bulk group of shooting before - at that point my business was still relatively new and I was working out my processing, pricing and fulfillment.  We booked one day of shooting at her studio and 19 students participated. I remember being overwhelmed, scared and exhilarated all at the same time. Although I have daughters, neither of them were involved in dance so I hadn't spent time around a dance studio, let alone know the difference between 2nd and 4th position.  Luckily Lauren did all of the posing and I just clicked like crazy and hoped by brand new lights and backdrop didn't fail me!  I remember missing some of the jumps because my timing was off and a few shots that I forgot to move the lights for the little toddlers so their heads were "very" highlighted:)   

Flash forward (yes photo bun intended:) to this year - 6 days of shooting and 108 children photographed.  Lauren's staff has grown to include interns, choreographers, several instructors, an amazing front desk/business staff and many other behind the scenes people.  She has also moved to a second location with two dance studios.  And me - my processing, fulfillment and pricing are pretty tightened up.  The lights and backdrop are now just another piece of equipment and not a source of stress.  And the dancers - continue to amaze and awe me.  The talent and intensity of the Elite family shows in their dancing and awards. Not to mention they are the nicest and easiest group of families to work with.  Yes, I am gushing.  

Layne is a dancer/intern at the studio and we had some fun one night with her shoot:


Yes, she is on point in every shot.  And the "Heat Mizer" image on the bottom right was as she landed a jump so we could get her hair flipped up.  That was about take 4 or 5.

If I could, I'd showcase every child that we photographed in that week. Each one has a special talent, or pose that they bring with them.

And now this year I have a daughter that is taking dance at Elite so I get to see all of these amazingly talented boys and girls during their recital too.

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Photo Box for images Do you miss actually handling prints?  Remember when you were younger and you'd find an old shoe box of prints from your parents or grandparents and spread them out all over the floor and reminisce?  Well I miss Mom always has/had a drawer of pictures that she was "going to put in the album":)  Agh, the ever allusive album of family memories. I think that's a leading factor to the trend of albums whether it's for a wedding, bar mitzvah, family portrait, or any "event" that you gather for.

Recently I started evaluating the products my clients buy from their shoots vs. what they say that want. Most all of my portrait clients say "oh I just don't want to let any of them go" but realistically you don't need a 24x36 gallery wrap of every image - hey I wouldn't stop you but that's a bit too much.  So I've started showing clients Photo Boxes (see attached sample of my work):









To me this is the perfect solution - you get the custom cover and "First Look" from your session that I design for you.  In my sample it's examples of my work and a description of my photography.  Then inside you get 4x6 (or larger depending on what size Photo Box) prints of your session.  And honestly, it's so fun to look at the prints one by one, re arrange the order they are in or spread them out and see the gallery of work in front of you.

By no means am I taking away from the gallery wraps, collages, larger prints, etc that I have on my own walls but this is a great way to preserve your photographs without making the time to put together that "Album" that my Mom is always talking about.

Let me know what you think about this.....







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Photo Club For the last few weeks I have been helping out at our middle school with the photo club.  The 7th & 8th graders needed an adult to oversee a weekly group to talk about, take, etc. photos. I had the time and offered to help. The group can bring any items they use to take pictures - smart phones, tablets or cameras.  It has been amazing to me the enthusiasm and genuine interest these kids bring each week. We meet immediately after school gets out so they have been in classrooms all day and yet they still want to learn and explore more.  I've had no real outline for our meetings just to take pictures and share if you feel up to it.  I figure they will guide me as to what they want to do.  It's been amazing to me to learn from them and see what they think is cool.  The last meeting was a really cold day so we opted to stay in the art room. I found some "lights" so we talked about shadows, underlighting, overlighting, etc.  It really struck me when one group gathered to use a book to make a heart - of course I had to see what I could do with it too....


What I love best about the images is the expression of joy and willingness to share images - this is a great group of kids that are truly teaching me as much as I am teaching them.

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Senior Portraits Spring time to high school juniors usually means several things - they are closer to being the oldest in the school, they will get the better lunch tables, they have gotten their license and Mom is starting to stress about their Senior Portraits:)  Many high schools in our area (Central Massachusetts) require high school students to use a contracted photography studio for their yearbook picture.  The image taken by the yearbook company can be used solely for the yearbook and does not have to be your Senior Portraits - the choice is yours!  Understanding that sometimes one stop shopping (or Portraits) can be easy but does not mean it's the best.  And even better for you if your high school welcomes individuality and using an outside photographer to shoot and submit your yearbook image as well as take your portraits.

I love this time of year and working with High School students.  It's such a great stage of life - you aren't a child and aren't an adult either.  There are so many amazing areas in New England for Senior Portraits - the beach, city warehouses, local farms - really the possibilities are endless and should reflect your personality.

This wonderful teen is now a freshman at college:


My Senior Portrait sessions start at $225.00 and include 1-2 hours of shooting on location, three outfit changes, jpeg submission to your yearbook (if allowed by the high school), up to 10 low resolution images for social media use and $50.00 print credit. If you book your sitting before June 1 I will include an additional $50.00 of print credit ($100.00 total) - deposit on sitting and confirmed date of shoot required.

We can book a group session with friends, a destination day at the beach or in your own backyard~ your decision. Send me an email or call for more details. Can't wait to hear from you!

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Real Estate Photography It is true that almost everyone has a "camera" i.e. smart phone, table, etc. that captures images. But that is not to say that everyone is a photographer.  Thankfully my clients understand that.  I am very fortunate to have many repeat clients as well as cross over clients i.e. use me for their personal and professional work.

Bringing me to the point of this weeks blog:)  I have a wonderful client (and now friend) who asked me to take portraits of her amazing family last summer in Southie. It was a great day of walking (and scootering!) around Castle Island.  This winter she and her family have decided to put their house on the market so we planned a shoot to showcase the interior of their home.  It helps that she is also a realtor and values how to best represent a home for viewing and ultimately to sell.  There are many wonderful software packages available to make virtual tours of homes but if you don't start with the foundation of clean, crisp images the final product won't give you the wow you are looking for.

Here's a sample of some of the rooms we photographed. 


The alternating view of rooms and halls allows potential clients to get a better understanding of the layout of your home.  Additionally, removing clutter and personal items allows them to imagine themselves living there.  Gone are the days of waiting for an open house to be listed in the Sunday paper. Buyers look online to see if a home grabs their attention.

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The "Finished" product Photos By Jodie clients receive an online viewing gallery from their session regardless of a family portrait, senior portrait, corporate event, etc.  I have found online galleries to be a very easy viewing system for clients. However, it can also slow down the decision making process - because of course they LOVE every image and need each of them.  Somewhat kidding - somewhat not:).

My portrait clients tend to have the hardest time choosing just "one" image so quite often I will put images together to tell a story.  It isn't for every one but when it works it works so well.

Jack and Owen and their Mom and Dad were referred to me by fabulous mutual friends.  After a few phone conversations and emails we met last fall for their session at Hopkinton State Park. It was love at first site, at least for me;) They boys were so handsome and up for any antics I asked.  There were so many great action shots of them that Marcy and I worked together to narrow down their "story". The final product became a mix of distressed and black & white images as well as mounted on a standout.

Below is the collage I did for them.

But even better for me is that Marcy recently sent me this image.

I love when clients show me their finished "product". As a photographer I have visions of how the image should look when I shoot but it's up to each person to decide how to best represent their vision..  Thanks for sharing Marcy.

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Join a business group Slight digression from your typical photo centric blog -  As a small business owner i.e. one gal photo shop, it can be very "lonely".  If I am not shooting I am editing, following up on emails, blog, facebook, etc.  All of which I do in my home office.  At my core, I am a social person.  Being in the midst of a family or event for their portraits is my favorite part of my profession. If I never opened Photoshop again I'd be a happy girl:)! 

A while ago I did a series of head shots for a firm in Worcester.  Great shoot, great people but little did I know that in that mix was a woman who would literally change how I saw part of my business and myself. After delivering the final version of her teams head shots, Karen sent me an email asking if I'd like to participate in a Women in Business group that she was starting. I had heard of business groups before with mandatory meeting requirements, fees, recruitment efforts, etc. and that didn't interest me.  But I liked her from our shoot so I thought "why not?". It was one meeting and if I didn't like it I'd bow out. Well that was over a year ago and I can't believe how the group has grown, bonded and educated each other.  The only pressure to attend the once a month meeting is self inflicted - if you can't make it, just let the group know.  If you want to recommend a new member from a profession that isn't represented then have them attend a meeting. Should we charge fees? - no let's keep it simple oh and BYOC (coffee):)  Really, the business group has given me a sense of fitting in to the business world in the area I live.  Not to mention some wonderful new friendships and many, many new clients.

This winter I teamed up with another member of the Business Group - Ashley Gauthier owner of Salon Exquisite for a night of mini makeovers and head shots for any member of our now 15 person business group. It was great fun to socialize with each other, chat about our personal lives and also share my skill set to aid their businesses.  Below are a few samples:

So my unsolicited words of advice are: sometimes the most random meeting will turn you towards a wonderful and unexpected new path. 

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Baby Jack - 6 months

How stinkin' cute is this little guy??  He does have good genes to start from but he eats up the lens and lights up the room.  Not much more to say than I think if he were my baby I would kiss him all day:)!

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Event Photography - shooting for the client to use Event & Corporate photography are such a mind shift to me as a photographer.  You are hired to shoot an event, headshot, product demonstration, etc. for a client with the understanding that they aren't going to necessarily hang pretty portraits on their walls. They are going to use the images to promote their business.  It can be a tricky concept as a photog to see past the moment you are capturing to the end result which might be a corporate website, brochure or bill board.  If all translates correctly in the image then my client will in turn get their client or potential client to act upon seeing the image I have taken for them. Kind of a cool concept when you think about it.

For the client in these images I am also the client - have I thoroughly confused you yet:)?  GH2 Fitness in Holden has literally transformed peoples lives.  Not just the physical transformation of their bodies but the more important transformation of their mental state.  It's amazing the benefits to your inner self when you push a prowler around the gym, hold a plank for 60 seconds or the first time you complete an unassisted pull-up.  Heather & Ross Baker and the entire GH2 family push you, cheer you and pick you up when you need.

Here are a few images from their most recent GH2 shoot. Will they engage you enough to take some action?

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Kids, Cousins, Grandparents - bring it on I say:)!

Last week I focused on "the dogs" so this week let's bring the whole family in.  Large groups are so dynamic - not just because of the volume of bodies in the shot but the personalities and desires for the shoot.  Thanksgiving and Christmas do tend to bring together most families so when Allison inquired if I were available the day after Thanksgiving to shoot her extended family I jumped at it. Other than some left over tripdephane I was ready to go. Her brother and his family were in from the mid west and her parents from the South Shore. And in case you don't remember it's been freezing in New England since that weekend. The whole family was game for going outside (jackets on during down time and off for the pics) and utilizing this amazing boulder in the backyard.  And as an added extra, Duggan (the lovely GSP), should be a dog model. As long as he was with his family he did anything I asked.  Once back inside and the kids and Duggan geared up for more fun and silliness in the warmth.  Great day of shooting with them!



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I'm going to the dogs:) Fall of 2013 was the year of the dogs - ok probably not really but for my portrait business it was and I loved it.  I tend to gravitate towards large (or multi generation) family portraits.  I am sure it has to do with me being the youngest of 6 kids.  So when clients inquire about bringing grandparents, cousins, etc. to shoots my policy is always "the more the merrier".  I do tend to thrive in chaos.  This year the additional family member in tow seemed to be of the four legged variety.  Now I will not claim to specialize in pet photography (but can recommend some fab photogs whose specialty that is) but I love, love, love to add the family pet in to the mix.  Nothing adds emotion to a shoot like seeing how everyone attends to each other.

The Nash family is blessed in many ways - one of which is the love to and from their "little girl" Casey!  She was up for the running, sitting, loving and general silliness of the session. This was at the end of the shoot and although Kathy, Bill, Owen and Connor were up for more I swear she is looking over her shoulder and thinking 'really Jodie, enough of this, can I just go chase the ducks?'

So as we all sit inside shivering I hope your feet or lap are a little warmer with a furry friend. As I type I have Jäger (Boxer not beverage) under my desk and Smokey (silly gray kitty) on my lap:) Casey Nash"Can we just go chase the ducks?"

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Payton - Cake Smash  Payton turned 1 and what better way to celebrate than with a good 'ole cake smash!  It took her a bit to warm up to the idea of actually destroying the cake but once she did all bets were off.  So much fun she even stripped down to a diaper, pearls and tiara (what birthday girl wouldn't)! As it was early January in New England we opted for an indoor shoot. Shout out to Lauren Mangano at Elite Academy of Dance, Shrewsbury MA, for the studio space use - BTW, a fabulous dance studio if you are interested.  Hope Ms. P enjoyed her birthday as much as I did photographing part of her celebration!

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